Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gardens in Paris

Since we arrived in Paris we have enjoyed the spectacular gardens, I don't usually post about gardens, but these French style gardens are works of art. On our first day in Paris we visited the Jardin Des Plantes. We were greeted by colorful beds of Icelandic poppies in yellow, oranges and reds.

Poppies at the Jardin des Plantes, Paris.

On Sunday we traveled to Versailles. The gardens were at the height of their beauty! Accompanied by the fountain displays and classical music - it was a dazzling site.

Beds of tulips at Versailles.

Yesterday while visiting the Musee Rodin, we were greeted by the scent of French lilacs. We were surrounded by them as we sketched in the sculpture garden.

French lilacs blooming at Musee Rodin.

View of Musee Rodin from the gardens.

Peonies blooming at Musee Rodin. All photos by Marie Dauenheimer

Yesterday afternoon we had the true pleasure of visiting the unique Musee Fragonard. We toured the collection with veterinary anatomist and curator Professor Chistophe Degueurce. I plan on blogging about the museum and Professor Degueurce's new book "Fragonard Museum, the Eroches, the Anatomical Masterworks of Honore Fragonard.

Location:Rue Le Regrattier,Paris,France

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  1. Oh Marie,
    You lucky lucky girl. Lilacs at the Musee Rodin. big sigh.

    Carolyn Holmes

    PS- I cant believe how grown up Lily is. Impossible!