Monday, January 17, 2011

Figure Drawing with Robert Liberace at the Art League

On Friday I started taking a course at the Art League in Alexandria with instructor Robert Liberace. The course is the Figure and Portrait Explored and includes studying the figure with various master drawing techniques such as red chalk, charcoal and silverpoint. Liberace is an accomplished painter, draughtsman and sculptor and a gifted teacher.

This week I started a long study of the figure using terra cotta pencils on a tinted paper I prepared by hand. The paper (hand made by Twinrocker) is prepared using watercolor and shellac and when dry takes the pencil nicely and allows for erasing out highlights and adding them with white chalk. This technique was popular with High Renaissance artists such as Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael.

I plan on posting about the techniques I experiment with in the class and the progress on the drawing below.

Figure drawings

Red chalk drawing in progress by Marie Dauenheimer

Figure drawings

Silverpoint drawing by Marie Dauenheimer


Charcoal demo drawing by Robert Liberace


  1. I liked red chalk drawing as it looks like picture. It's very good.

  2. the silverpoint looks very interesting, even more so since you have told us how one is created!