Sunday, January 23, 2011

Open Life Drawing Sessions at the Art Institute of Washington

For the past five years I have been running an open life drawing session at the Art Institute of Washington in Arlington, VA. The sessions are a joint effort with the Illustrators Club and are on Thursday evenings from 6:00-9:00PM. There is another session on Friday evenings, same place and time as the Thursday sessions, monitored by Tom Broad.

At the Art Institute of Northern Virginia in Sterling, VA there is a session run by Jason Axtell. This session is Tuesday evenings from 6:00-9:00PM.

The sessions are attended by local artists, illustrators, graphic designers and other creative professionals as well as Ai faculty, students, staff and alumni.

It is a great atmosphere to draw in. Take look at a few of the drawings created on Thursday evening, they are by Web Bryant, Liz Floyd and myself. Please join us for drawing!

<no subject>

Sketch book page of 10 minute poses by Liz Floyd.

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Charcoal sketch by Web Bryant.

Lu sketch

Graphite sketch by Lucinda Levine.


Sketchbook page by Marie Dauenheimer.

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  1. Nice work, Marie! Very inspiring...

    As Leonardo (not DiCaprio) said:

    "I say and insist that drawing in company is much better than alone, for many reasons. The first is that you would be ashamed to be seen behindhand among the students, and such shame will lead you to careful study. Secondly, a wholesome emulation will stimulate you to be among those who are more praised than yourself, and this praise of others will spur you on. Another is that you can learn from the drawings of others who do better than yourself; and if you are better than they, you can profit by your contempt for their defects, while the praise of others will incite you to farther merits."

    More here:

    Thanks for posting this!