Monday, February 7, 2011

Figure Drawing Class with Robert Liberace , Pen, Ink and Brush

In figure drawing class with Robert Liberace we experimented with using pen, ink and brush to create spontaneous studies of the figure. Rob did a demo using sepia ink (made from the ink from cuttlefish) with pen and brush. Starting with a quick pencil sketch to block in the figure, he moves to pen and ink . Using a nib that responds to pressure Rob scribbles and hatches in the figure. His lines are calligraphic and spontaneous. Using a brush and ink he draws the shadows and adds accents. This technique is best done on a small scale and using paper such as Fabriano Ingres (which has a good amount of sizing).


Robert Liberace demonstrates using brush and ink to draw the figure.
Photo by Marie Dauenheimer.


Finished figure study. Photo by Marie Dauenheimer.

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Woman Sleeping by Rembrandt, ink and brush.

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Another Rembrandt sketch using pen, ink and brush.

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  1. Oh I absolutely LOVE this pen and ink style of drawing! I've practiced with it, but I can't seem to perfect it as much as I'd want.