Sunday, February 13, 2011

Figure Drawing Class with Robert Liberace, Watercolor Wash

On Friday in the Figure Drawing class Robert Liberace demonstrated his technique for using watercolor wash. Drawing from a life model, who's pose was reminiscent of John Singer Sargent's "Madame X" portrait, Liberace did a beautiful study using black watercolor on Calligraphy Cream Twinrocker handmade paper. Beginning with a quick graphite sketch, he built up washes of watercolor, focusing on the primary and secondary shadows. He added dark accents to complete the drawing. A razor blade or white paint can be used to heighten the highlights.


Robert Liberace demonstrating his watercolor wash technique.

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The finished watercolor wash drawing. Photo by Karen Coughlan.


Pen, ink and brush drawing using sepia ink.


Pen, ink and brush study by Robert Liberace.

During class Rob showed us two of his sketchbooks. They were truly amazing! Handmade with leather bindings and filled with stunning wash, ink and watercolor drawings they were inspiring works of art.


Pen, ink and brush sketches from Robert Liberace's sketchbook.


Another sketchbook page.

All photos by Marie Dauenheimer, except for watercolor wash study by Karen Coughlan.
Thanks Karen!

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